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Anglican Saint Benedict rosary, New Zealand made

St Benedict Anglican Rosary Beads - also known as Protestant or Episcopalian Prayer Beads

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Handmade Christian prayer beads - also known as an Anglican rosary, Protestant rosary or Episcopalian rosary, they are used by many Christians as an aid to contemplative or meditative prayer. Why use prayer beads? To help you achieve inner silence.

Prayers are often expressed in words - Eucharistic prayers, grace at a meal, prayer with family & friends or in Church. Contemplative or meditative prayer refers to praying to achieve inner silence, to create a "listening" place in the presence of God. For many, this form of prayer is far more difficult than pondering words. Fingering prayer beads may aid in achieving this form of introspection by involving both mind and body in your prayer time.

This is a smaller rosary, made with 6mm round dark blue goldstone beads for the 4 sets of "week" prayer beads and little red-enamel pewter cross beads for the cruciform beads. At the front of the rosary is a white howlite invitatory bead, stacked with garnet beads & Swarovski crystals - this bead is an invitation to begin the prayer circle formed by the other beads. All the beads are separately linked with silver rosary wire so they flow smoothly through your fingers.

The rosary begins and ends with a Saint Benedict cross. St Benedict is one of the greatest Christian saints, and the cross shows his ward (prayer of protection) behind the figure of Christ, with an image of the saint himself on the back. It is made in nickle and lead free pewter with black enamel detailing.

Length from center back to end of cross: 30cm / 11.75 inches.
Cross: 3.5cm / 1.4 inches tall.

This is a lightweight, compact rosary which is suitable for men or women who prefer a smaller set of prayer beads. It comes in a handmade pouch to store it in along with a pamphlet about the layout of the rosary and some suggestions to start using them.

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