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Recovery prayer and meditation beads handmade in New Zealand

Serenity Prayer Beads, 12 Step Recovery Meditation Gift

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This is a larger set of 12 step recovery prayer & meditation beads, suitable for men (or women), and well constructed for rugged hands. The set is made with black onyx, silver hematite, rutilated quartz and jasper gemstone beads, and features a medal with the Serenity Prayer& a Unity symbol.

The beads are 10mm round black onyx for the beads in the loop, which represent the 12 steps of the recovery program. These onyx beads are separated with small silver hematite beads, tiny grey jasper and little silver & black spacers so they flow through your fingers easily.

Black onyx: grounding, encourages happiness & good fortune;
Crystal quartz: energizing, empowering - a stone of healing;
Hematite: calming, grounding;
Grey jasper: creative stimulus, higher guidance in decision-making.

The loop comes together at a silver pewter Unity symbol, originally the emblem of Alcoholics Anonymous but now recognized as a symbol of recovery. The 3 sides of the triangle represent the 3 concepts of recovery - unity, service and recovery - encompassed by the circle of fellowship.

The front of the set has 3 rutilated quartz beads that are milky-clear quartz shot through with black inclusions. These 3 beads reinforce the 3 principles of recovery - they can be used for meditating on the personal meaning of those concepts in your life. The set finishes with a pewter medal with praying hands on the front and the Serenity Prayer in raised lettering on the reverse. 

Length from mid-back to end of medal: 35cm / 14 inches;
Serenity Prayer medallion: 2.5cm across / 1 inch;
Beads: 10mm round onyx & quartz, 6mm hematite, 4mm jasper.

These prayer & meditation beads come with a pamphlet explaining a bit about prayer beads and some suggested ways of using them, and will be attractively packaged.

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