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Om Bracelet, Gemstone & Glass Beads, Yoga Jewelry

Om Bracelet, Gemstone & Glass Beads, Yoga Jewelry

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This stretch bracelet is rich with symbols connected with a spiritual view of the world, from the gemstone beads chosen for their synergistic energies, to the charms and symbols in the design.

I've used natural terra rosa jasper gemstone beads, all with a soft matte finish that shows the beautiful blend of colours in this type of jasper known as "earth's rose" or terra rosa jasper. This stone resonates with meanings of inner peace and wholeness, clarity of thinking and relaxation of stress.

There are three periwinkle blue Czech glass flower beads in the bracelet. Three is the number of time: Past Present Future; Birth Life Death; Beginning Middle End. Three is the number of the divine and is a sacred number in many religions; In ritual many actions are preformed three times.

Three is the Number of magic, good luck and hope; We are all familiar with the expression “third time lucky”. In fairy tales three is often the magical number - heroes and heroines are often offered three choices or three tests and they overcome difficulties on the third try.

At the front is a brass floral button with a design of flowers, leaves and vines - a representation of the never-ending cycles of life from seed leading from the seedling through stages of life to the flowering of fullfilment. An angel's wing charm hangs here, a sign we are not alone.

A small brass Om symbol also hangs at the front of the bracelet. Om is the representation of the energy that flows through our breath in our waking and sleeping state. Om is the essence that unites all of us at our most intuitive level, and its presence here completes the design of this bracelet.

The pictured bracelet is the right size for a wrist measuring 18cm (7 inches). Measure your wrist where you want to wear the bracelet and order that size for a snug fit on your arm. Order the next size up for a looser fit, or if you are unsure.

Larger and smaller sizes will have a different number of the small brass beads used in the design in order to get the right size for you.

This lovely bracelet is perfect for your personal wear, or it would make a thoughtful gift for another. It comes attractively wrapped along with a small card explaining about the symbols and beads used.

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