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Meditation Beads, Tigers Eye & Lemon Calcite Gemstone, Tree of Life

Meditation Beads, Tigers Eye & Lemon Calcite Gemstone, Tree of Life

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Handmade prayer and meditation beads, featuring natural tigers eye and lemon calcite beads and a silver pewter Tree of Life pendant. A pamphlet about prayer beads and how to use them comes with this set.

I've made this set in a linear style based on the number 3 - 3 lemon calcite wire-wrapped rondelles separated with smaller tigers eye beads on each side of a central Celtic knot bead. The origin of the Celtic knot design is now lost in the mists of time, but one meaning is that is shows us how intertwined our physical and spiritual journeys are.

Lemon calcite: energising, creative, improves confidence & faith;
Tigers eye: uplifting, encouraging self-confidence, grounding.

At one end of the strand is a beautiful golden tigers eye double-terminated gemstone nugget in a silver electro-plated band. At the other end is the Tree of Life pendant, made from culinary grade pewter. The Tree of Life as the source of all life and spiritual meaning is a common thread running through many religions, philosophies and mythologies.

The beads in groups of 3 create a pleasant rhythm or tempo, and is a pattern used in many cultures and belief systems to mark patterns in time, in reference to threefold aspects of divinities, or for counting repetitions of mantras, chants or prayers.

Length: 29cm / 11.5"
Beads: 10mm calcite, 6mm tigers eye.
Tree of Life medallion: 2.5cm / 1" across.

Prayer & meditation beads are used to help quiet the mind and to involve both the mind and body in prayer or meditation time. This set is suitable for men or women.

They come attractively wrapped with a pamphlet about prayer beads that has some suggestions for starting to use them.

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