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Meditation Beads, Scarab, Ankh, Paloma, Tassel, Copper

Meditation Beads, Scarab Ankh & Paloma Totem Symbols, Lapis Gemstone Beads

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Handmade meditation beads with blue lapis gemstone nuggets wire-wrapped in copper. The set features symbols of the sun, warmth and life including a jeweled scarab, an ankh and a paloma dove bird totem. The strand finishes with a white silky tassel, often used in prayer and meditation beads to wipe away tears as well as adding a decorative touch.

I've used 3 hand-cut lapis gemstone nuggets in this set. You can assign any prayers, mantras or affirmations to the beads, in keeping with your own spiritual path. The beads are used in the hands to engage both the mind and body in your meditation time, to help quieten mental chatter and bring you more quickly into a quiet space. The symbols represented in the set can provide useful mindfulness and meditation prompts.

Lapis gemstone: Energies of friendship, integrity, goodwill, awareness and wisdom. Containing flecks of golden mica, this stone is regarded as a "sun" stone.

The scarab: A metaphysical & mythological symbol of ancient Egypt, often worn in jewelry or carried as an amulet in a pouch. The scarab beetle symbolized the sun and was also a symbol of immortality, resurrection, transformation and protection

The ankh: A symbol used by the early Egyptians as a symbol of life. As a sun-symbol, the Egyptians often made ankhs from metals they most associated with the sun, gold and bronze. The Ankh crosses mean Life and death, male and female balance. It also represents zest, joy of life, and energy.

The paloma: A bird totem representing the Dove of Peace - it symbolizes peace, tranquility, harmony, affection and gentleness. When combined with sun symbols, the paloma softens the raw energy of the sun into gentle, nurturing energy.

Lovely beads for personal use, which would make a thoughtful gift for a friend. They come attractively packaged along with a pamphlet explaining about prayer & meditation beads, and some suggested ways to start using them.

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