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12 step recovery step beads, handmade

Meditation Beads, 12 Step Recovery Program Beads - Amazonite & Amethyst

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This is a set of meditation beads is designed for people in 12 Step Recovery programs. There are 12 gemstone beads in the set, which correspond to the 12 Steps in the recovery program - 3 amethyst beads and 9 blue amazonite beads. Tiny rose Swarovski crystals and silver beads finish the design.

The beads are held in the hand/s - the pewter ring at one end slips over a thumb or finger to anchor them. You move along the strand from bead to bead as you work through a pattern of mantras, prayers, chants, breaths or affirmations in keeping with your own spiritual journey.

I've used blue amazonite and purple amethyst for this set. The first 3 beads next to the thumb ring are amethyst - known as the stone of sobriety. Following these beads is a Celtic knot bead, placed there so it is easy to identify the beads relating to Steps 1, 2 and 3 for those who like to affirm those steps. The never-ending Celtic knot design is said to show us how our spiritual and physical lives are intertwined.

The remaining 9 Step beads are blue amazonite, a gentle stone resonating with energies of honesty, courage and harmony. The set ends with the Unity symbol of recovery and an angel's wing.

You can assign any meaning to the beads and meditation symbols in the set that makes them personal to you - they do not belong to any one particular belief or religion. Many people use them to recite the 12 Steps or for the practice of the 11th Step. Simply keeping them close (like in a pocket) where you can touch them can help bring calm in challenging situations.

Length: 24cm
Beads: 8mm amethyst & amazonite
Pewter ring: 22mm across

Lovely beads for personal use to help clear the mind and quieten mental "chatter". They would make a thoughtful gift for anyone in a 12 Step program, or a sponsor or sponsee - perhaps for an anniversary. They come with a pamphlet about the beads and suggested ways to use them, and will be attractively wrapped.

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