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Hamsa Symbol Greenstone Earrings, Sterling Silver Hooks

Hamsa Symbol Greenstone Earrings, Sterling Silver Hooks

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Dainty greenstone hamsa hand earrings, designed and made by me, Kati Brown, here in New Zealand.

Delicate and cute - winning style! Little greenstone (nephrite jade) beads fall in a graceful drop ending with the tiniest wee hamsa charms I have ever seen - they even have a teeny crystal in the center. Adorable!

Greenstone represents friendship, loyalty and respect. The hamsa is an ancient Middle Eastern amulet symbolizing the Hand of God. In all faiths it is a protective sign, said to bring happiness, luck, health, and good fortune. The ear wires are diamond-cut sterling silver

Size: 5cm long - includes ear wire.
Beads: 3mm & 4mm round nephrite jade.
Ear wires: Sterling silver hooks.

These lovely earrings have a dainty appearance - almost minimalist style - and very pretty. They come attractively packaged too.

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