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Anglican rosary prayer beads, agate gemstone beads

Christian Anglican Rosary Beads, Agate Gemstone Beads, Olive Wood Cross

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The Anglican rosary is often referred to as the Christian rosary, because it is used by members of many Christian faiths as a way of enriching prayer life. Designed as an aid to meditative prayer, these Christian prayer beads help to still the mind so the user can move more quickly into the presence of God. A pamphlet about the Anglican rosary is included that has some suggestions for using the rosary.

The four sets of prayer beads are 8mm round banded agate, a natural stone that is hard and durable and has been used for centuries for rosaries & prayer beads. The cruciform beads between the sets are 15mm agate hearts, a representation of God's great love. All the beads are hand-linked with rosary wire so they flow nicely in use. The hearts are topped with tiny red Swarovski crystals and then wire-wrapped to provide extra strength where needed in the rosary.

The cross is a simple olive wood style, set in an aluminum frame that covers the back and ends of the arms to protect the wood from wear. This rosary is well-made for years of prayer and is suitable for rugged hands.

Length from center back to end of cross: 40cm / 15.75 inches;
Cross: 4.25cm / 1.75 inches.

This rosary has a smooth and comfortable feel to it and is smooth through the hands. It comes in a handmade (by me) lined cotton pouch to keep it in along with a pamphlet about the Anglican rosary.

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