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Chakra necklace, gemstone beads, brass ball chain

Chakra necklace, Gemstone Beads & Brass Ball Chain

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A vibrant chakra necklace made with gemstone beads to align with the chakra centers of the body for gentle balancing. I've used gemstone beads for each of the chakra centers - they represent the energy centers of the body aligned along the spine.

7th (purple) - crown chakra - cosmic consciousness, understanding, enlightment;
6th (dark blue blue) - 3rd eye chakra - clairvoyance, intuition, psychic senses;
5th (light blue) - throat chakra - communication, creativity, healing;
4th (green)- heart chakra - love, hope, compassion;
3rd (yellow) - solar plexus - energy, vitality, stamina and power;
2nd (orange) -sacral chakra - emotions, secuality, intimacy;
1st (red) - root chakra - survival instinct, security, grounding.

The necklace is completed with a dainty brass ball chain that closes with a small brass lobster clasp.

Length end-to-end: 46cm / 18 inches.

A lovely rainbow gemstone necklace with a carefree vibe. It comes attractively packaged to complete the treat.

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