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Anglican Rosary, Serenity Prayer

Anglican Rosary, Serenity Prayer

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The Anglican rosary is used by many Christian religions worldwide to help with focus during prayer and meditation times. It is known as the Anglican rosary, Christian rosary, Protestant rosary and Episcopal rosary - each of these faiths using the same layout of 33 beads in their prayer beads.

This petite rosary is made with pink Swarovski® crystal pearls in a color called Rosaline. Each pearl is separately linked by hand with silver rosary wire, and the cruciform and invitatory beads are finished with wee Swarovski crystals, and wire-wrapped to give the rosary that unique handmade look. The pearls are just 6mm round, so this is a dainty, smaller-size rosary.

The rosary begins and ends with a Serenity Prayer medal which has praying hands on the front and the first verse of this much-loved prayer inscribed on the back. Next to the medal is a small silver pewter Jerusalem cross which has a central cross with 4 smaller crosses around it, and the word Jerusalem on the crossbar.

The Jerusalem cross represents Christ's command to spread the Gospel around the world, a mission that started in Jerusalem. It has been given different meanings over the years, with the most common being that it is combination of the Old Testament teachings (the four Tau Crosses) and the New Testament teachings (the four Greek Crosses), or that it represents the four evangelists, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, with Christ in the center - and also that the five crosses represent the five wounds of Jesus on the cross.

This rosary is not long enough to go over the head to wear as a necklace. If you would like a similar rosary in necklace length, please contact me so we can talk about the design changes to make a longer loop of beads, or insert a clasp.

Length from mid-back to end of cross: 30cm / 11.8 inches.
Medal: 20cm across.

This rosary will last for many years of prayer and is covered by my life-time rosary guarantee. It comes in a handmade (by me) lined cotton rosary pouch to store it in, along with a pamphlet about the rosary and a card of prayers for using the rosary with the Serenity Prayer.

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