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Anglican chaplet of Saint Roch

Anglican Chaplet of St Roch (Rocco), Christian Saint Prayer Beads

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This small set of Anglican prayer beads is sometimes called a "chaplet", and is based on the design of the full Anglican or Christian rosary beads. 

This is a chaplet of Saint Roch, and the prayers that go with it are are based on the Song of Creation. A pamphlet comes with the chaplet that explains a bit about the history of the Anglican rosary and has suggested ways to use the beads for contemplative prayer.

I've used 8mm round natural jasper gemstone beads for the 7 prayer beads, and 2 larger 10mm rounds for the introductory beads. At one end is a medal of Saint Roch, and at the other is a solid pewter cross in a medieval studded style.

Saint Roch (also called St Rocco) was born in Montpeiller in about 1348. He is honored in the Anglican, Catholic and Episcopalian churches and is well known as the patron saint of dogs, single men and of people suffering from severe illnesses, and he has quite a few other patronages as well.

As a man of only about 20, St Roch turned his back on his wealthy lifestyle and set out as a mendicant pilgrim. He devoted himself to the plague-stricken, curing them with the sign of the cross. Catching the plaque himself, he withdrew to live in isolation in a forest where a series of miraculous events occurred, which included being found by a wealthy merchant's dog who led his master to the aid of Roch. Cured, he returned to France where he later died a prisoner.

A prayer card accompanies the chaplet, which has prayers for this little rosary. You can of course substitute other prayers in keeping with your own prayer and meditation.

Length: 9.1" (23cm)
Cross: 1" (2.5cm)
Medal: 1" (2.5cm)

All my chaplets come in attractive packaging to brighten your day, or so they are ready for gift-giving.

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