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Mindfulness bracelet, amethyst beads

Amethyst Bracelet - One Day At A Time

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Amethyst gemstones and mindfulness symbols make this a beautiful bracelet layered with meaning for your own wear or a thoughtful gift for another.

The bracelet is made with 8mm round amethyst gemstone beads in a pattern with little silver and black beads - and it is stretchy for easy on-off wear. Amethyst has been traditionally associated with meanings of peace, protection and harmony during times of personal change.

The symbols included in the bracelet are the daisy at the front symbolizing the beauty of all nature's creations, an angel's wing and a stainless steel disc engraved with the saying One Day At A Time. Wearing these mindfulness charms in a bracelet is a visible prompt to take time out in a busy day to center yourself in a peaceful way.

Among the amethyst beads is a single Celtic knot bead. The origin of never-ending design of the Celtic knot is lost in the mists of time, but one meaning is that it reminds us that our spiritual and physical lives cross each other continually each day.

There are 12 amethyst beads in the bracelet. Amethyst has also long been called the "stone of sobriety" so this bracelet is a great choice for anyone in a 12 Step Recovery program.

The pictured bracelet is the right size for a wrist measuring 18cm (7 inches). Measure your wrist and order that size for a snug fit, or the next size up for a looser fit on your arm.

The bracelet comes attractively wrapped along with a small information card about the symbols and meanings.

Please indicate in the drop-down options which card you would like included - a mindfulness card with the meanings of the charms and beads, or the card for 12 Step Recovery which also has information about Recovery bracelets.

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