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About us

Prayer & meditation beads, rosaries and jewelry expressing faith are my passion. Traditional Anglican rosaries, cross-cultural prayer & meditation beads, recovery beads, personal jewellery ... beautiful beads of praise made in New Zealand, from my hands to yours.

My name is Kati and I began making prayer beads because I think they are beautiful. I love everything about them - choosing the beads, designing the way they will sit together, expressing an aspect of faith through linking each separate bead into the strand .... the satisfaction of running them through my fingers to make sure they are nice to hold, right through to photographing and listing them in my shop as I think about them going to a new home. Out of my love of this process and my growing awareness of the role prayer beads have had throughout history, came my decision to start this home-based business.

Time has passed and my enthusiasm for the way strands of beads help involve both the mind and the body in prayer has continued to grow. My sister Debbie is also involved in this joyful pursuit, and we love to work together making prayer beads and jewellery that expresses an aspect of faith for the wearer.

Debbie and I have made all the beads of praise you see here. We hope by sharing our work here we can provide prayer and meditation beads which will become companions on your daily walk and add to your spiritual journey.

Please contact me with any questions or ideas!

You can see Debbie's shop specializing in rosaries and jewellery for the Catholic faith here: www.onedaysgrace.co.nz

- or you can enter my shop's showroom right here: www.praisebead.co.nz

Kati Brown & Debbie McGregor
Auckland, New Zealand

Est. June 2012 - and  here today in September 2016.



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