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Christian travel rosary

Anglican Rosary Clip - Pocket Rosary Keychain - Christian Gift

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A clip-on Christian rosary is great gift for a traveler - whether setting out on an exciting journey, or for someone on the move a lot. Complete with secure swivel clip, this wee rosary is a companion on the road.

The beads are natural picture jasper, and the layout is one-quarter of the Anglican rosary - a loop of 7 beads together with a single invitatory bead. A little gold-plated pewter cross hangs alongside the rosary beads.

You can use the rosary as a full Anglican or Christian rosary - simply go round the loop of beads 4 times. This shorter version is handy for those moments in any traveler's journey - like waiting at a bus stop or an airport terminal. A quiet prayer session in the midst of a crowd can remind you of the important things in life.

The beads are 8mm round, and the invitatory bead is a 10mm round. The are all handlinked to make a strong wee rosary, and the larger bead is wire-wrapped for extra safety. The strong gold-plated steel trigger clasp has a swivel base so it doesn't get tangled up. Attach to your belt, backpack, luggage, tent pole ... wherever you choose.

Length: 12cm (4.75") including clasp
Cross: 1.5cm (0.6")
Clasp: 3.5cm (1.4")

Great for personal use - or for gifting. It comes with a card about the Christian rosary.

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