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Mala tassel clip, green chakra beads

Car Mala Beads, Rearview Mirror Charm, Chakra Tassel Bag Clip

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Beaded mala clip for your car's rearview mirror ... or use it on your bag or purse as a pretty tassel dangle, a 7 bead chakra charm, or add to your favorite festival necklace.

Made with green toned gemstone, clay and paua shell beads the beaded part features a golden buddha bead. The soft silk & rayon fiber tassel is accented with a wood bead, all on a sturdy gold steel trigger action clip.

There are seven main energy centers in our body aligned with the spine - the seven chakras. The colour green is associated with Heart Chakra. This chakra helps to relieve emotional stress and displays love and harmony and helps with self-control. The personality traits associated with Heart Chakra are compassion, generosity, acceptance, understanding, self-control, being adaptable and a love for nature. The most important trait is balance in thought and action.

Total length: 19cm / 7.5 inches;
Clip: 3.25cm / 1.1 inch long;
Beads: 8mm gemstones, 15mm paua shell heart, 15mm clay bead, 18mm buddha.

A lovely treat for yourself, or a perfect gift for anyone to accessorize their car or bag.



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