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Stretch gemstone Chakra Bracelet

7 Chakra Bracelet with Om Symbol, Colour Healing

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A lovely white howlite gemstone bead chakra bracelet with the 7 colours that relate to the chakra centers of the body at the front, along with a small Om symbol.

White howlite is a stone association with calm and peace, and it has gentle energies.

Chakras represent the "energy centers" of the body and color therapy can be used to balance and enhance these energy centers of the body to help stimulate the body's natural healing process. Each chakra center has a corresponding colour:

7th (purple) - crown chakra - cosmic consciousness, understanding, enlightment;
6th (cobalt blue) - 3rd eye chakra - clairvoyance, intuition, psychic senses;
5th (light blue) - throat chakra - communication, creativity, healing;
4th (green)- heart chakra - love, hope, compassion;
3rd (yellow) - solar plexus - energy, vitality, stamina and power;
2nd (orange) -sacral chakra - emotions, secuality, intimacy;
1st (red) - root chakra - survival instinct, security, grounding.

Wearing a chakra bracelet can help bring these vital energy centers into gentle balance.

I've used 8mm round beads for this bracelet, which is lovely worn alone, and perfect for stacking with other bracelets. It is stretchy for easy on-off wear.

The pictured bracelet is the right size for a wrist measuring around 18cm / 7 inches. This style is available in sizes from 18cm to 21cm (7 inches to 8.5 inches).

To find what bracelet length is best for you, measure your wrist just above the wristbone where you wear a watch. Order that size if you want a snug fit on your arm, or the next size up if you want it to be a looser fit.

The bracelet comes attractively wrapped to complete the treat, along with a card of the gemstones.

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