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Sobriety Gift, 12 Step Meditation Beads, New Zealand made

Sobriety Gift, 12 Step Recovery Serenity Prayer Beads, Natural Jasper

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Meditation beads are a great way to clear the head & get actively involved in prayer and meditation time as you work through the 12 Step program, and this set come with a pamphlet explaining how to use them. 

There are 12 natural 6mm round terra-rosa jasper beads in the set, which correspond to the 12 Steps in the recovery program. You can use the beads to repeat the Steps, count prayers, breaths or affirmations - you can assign any meaning to the beads that is in keeping with your personal journey.

There is a Celtic knot bead after the 3rd Step bead, placed there as a reminder of the importance of those Steps. The origin of the never-ending Celtic knot design is lost in the mists of time, but one meaning is that it shows us how our spiritual and physical lives are intertwined. The loop of beads meets at a central connecting ring stamped with the words faith, hope and love.

This set features 3 brass charms relating to aspects of the Serenity prayer - a dragonfly for serenity, a feather for courage and an owl for wisdom. The charms hang from a Unity medallion, the symbol of recovery from alcoholism.

Length: 26cm / 10.2 inches
Medallion: 2cm / 0.8 inches

Many people find that simply carrying their beads in a pocket or purse so they can be easily touched can help bring calm in challenging situations.

This is a smaller set of Recovery beads which are well-made for regular personal use and are suitable for men or women. They would make a thoughtful gift for someone in a recovery fellowship.

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