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Prayer beads, 12 step recovery

Meditation & Prayer Beads for Recovery 12 Step Programs / Om and Buddha Symbols

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These meditation beads have been designed for members of 12 Step Recovery programs, but of course can be used for any prayer & meditation purposes. They do not belong to any particular religion and so you can adapt them to your own spiritual path.

I've made this set with 8mm round natural gemstone beads, each bead standing for one of the twelve steps in the recovery program. The first three beads which represent Steps 1 thru 3 are rainbow rhyolite, and the other 9 beads are brecciated jasper.

Brecciated jasper: vitality, healing, strength
Rainbow rhyolite: celebrates life, grounding, emotional strength & balance

At one end of the strand is a silver pewter Om medallion and at the other is a Buddha bead in dark bronze pewter.

There is an extra link after the 3rd bead so that those who emphasize the first 3 Steps of the program can find the beads easily by touch. Many people find that keeping their beads handy and simply fingering them can bring calm in challenging situations.

Length: 22cm (8.7")
Beads: 8mm round jasper & rhyolite
Om: 1.8cm across.

The beads come attractively packaged with a pamphlet explaining a bit about them and some suggested ways to use them. Well made for regular personal use, they are a great way to mark a recovery anniversary.

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