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Prayer and Meditation Beads, Peace on Earth

Peace on Earth - Prayer & Meditation Beads

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Beautiful beads for prayer, meditation and affirmations. They are held in the hands or counted through the fingers to engage the body as well as the mind in personal spiritual practice. They can be used as an anchor for affirmations and when used with repetitive phrases or prayers they can bring comfort in challenging times.

These beads borrow from many traditions and do not belong to any one belief or religion. Easily slipped into a pocket or purse, they also look great on a coffee or bedside table. Suitable for regular personal use or as a gift for a loved one - even if they never use them, they will have a constant reminder that they are loved.

This set of prayer or meditation beads is made with natural white agate and amethyst gemstone beads. At one end of the strand is an amethyst drop pendant, and at the other end is a stainless steel disc engraved with the affirmation "Peace on Earth" and a pewter lotus symbol.

The two groups of prayer beads have 3 white agate beads separated with wee amethyst beads. A pair of Celtic hearts provide a pause or rest break in the middle, a place where you can gather your thoughts before moving to the second set of beads. The original purpose of the endless Celtic knot design is now lost in time, but one meaning is that it shows us how our spiritual and physical lives are intertwined.

Amethyst: spiritual peace, protection and harmony in transformation stages of live; the stone of sobriety.
White agate: friendship, freedom - a stone of abundance and peace.

Length: 29.5cm / 11.5 inches;
Amethyst point: 3.5cm / 1.4 inches;
Beads: 10mm white agate, 6mm amethyst.

These unique prayer beads are suitable for men or women for regular use. They come with a pamphlet explaining their purpose and suggestions for using them and are attractively packaged.

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