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Prayer and meditation beads, rudraksha beads

Meditation Beads, Rudraksha and Gemstone Beads / Prayer Beads

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My prayer and meditation beads don't belong to any particular religion or spiritual path, but are designed as an aid for you in developing your own spiritual practice. They come with a pamphlet explaining a bit about them and some suggested ways of using them.

This set is made with carnelian, tigers eye and lemon calcite gemstone beads separated with larger rudraksha beads. The loop has beads ranging from 4mm across to 10mm in a repeating pattern. The front of the strand has a single rudraksha bead and a pressed glass flower, with the strand beginning and ending with a rudraksha pendant.

Carnelian: optimism, healing, inspiring;
Lemon calcite: energizing, creative, improves confidence;
Tigers eye: uplifting, encouraging, also improves confidence.

The reddish-brown rudraksha beads are seeds of the fruit of rudraksha trees grown in India. Rudraksha is often believed to symbolize the link between the earth and the heaven and have been used in prayer and meditation beads for centuries.

Length from mid back to end of pendant: 24.5cm / 9.75 inches

Many people find that simply fingering their beads can promote calmness in challenging times; others use them for counting prayers, affirmations or breaths. Some of my customers assign each bead the name of a loved one, or a special prayer or intention so that when they come to that bead they can pray or meditate on their purpose.

The strand is made on super-flexible stainless steel jewellery wire, and is well made for regular use. Lovely for yourself, or a very special gift for another. They come attractively wrapped along with the pamphlet.




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