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Prayer and meditation beads

Meditation Beads / Prayer Beads - Om & Buddha Symbols, Gemstone Beads

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Meditation beads - also called prayer beads - are designed to be held in the hands and run through the fingers to help engage both the mind and body in your meditation time. They are used to count breaths or affirmations, repetitions of mantras or prayers, or you can assign a meaning to each bead as a mental prompt when your fingers locate that bead.

This set is made with amazonite and amethyst gemstone beads, and features many symbols that can be used for meditation or prayer focus.

Amazonite: balances feminine and masculine energy, promotes kindness and practicality. Excellent stone for artists. Harmony, courage and truthfulness.
Amethyst: spiritual peace, protection, harmony in transformation stages of life.

At one end of the strand is an antique brass Om symbol, and at the other is a silver pewter Buddha bead. Two pewter cube beads along the strand carry symbols of peace and love. Om is the representation of the energy that flows through our breath in our waking and sleeping state. Om is the essence that unites all of us at our most intuitive level.

My meditation beads do not belong to any one belief system, so you can use them in a way that has meaning for your own spiritual path. Many people find that simply keeping them in a pocket where they can be touched easily helps bring calm in challenging situations. They come with a pamphlet about the beads which has some suggested ways to start using them.

Length: 21cm / 8.3 inches
Beads: 8mm amazonite, 6mm amethyst, 7mm pewter cubes

A lovely smaller set for personal use, which would also make a thoughtful gift. They come attractively packaged.

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