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Meditation and prayer beads

Meditation Beads / Prayer Beads - Natural Turquoise Focus Bead, Pewter Ankh Medallion

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Meditation beads featuring a genuine turquoise focus bead and a solid pewter Ankh pendant. Made for men or women, these meditation & prayer beads are well-constructed for many years of personal use.

The purpose of prayer or meditation beads is to involve both your mind and body in your meditation time. The beads are held in the hands and run through the fingers to provide a tactile as well as mental focus. They can be used for any purpose you like  - from counting breaths, repeating affirmations or favorite prayers, counting mantras or chants, or simply fingering them to help quiet mental "chatter".

This special set features a natural turquoise "donut". Handcut from solid turquoise, it is held in a sterling silver fan-shaped bail. Turquoise has been a stone used throughout many cultures for centuries and is known as a stone of spiritual growth.

The other end of the strand has a solid pewter Ankh medallion. The Ankh, also known as key of life, the key of the Nile or crux ansata, was the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic character that read "eternal life". The Ankh represents life and death, male and female balance as well as joy in living.

The beads in between the two symbols are smaller natural turquoise rondelles and 10mm round blue goldstone - wire-wrapped and joined with textured silver links.

Length 29cm (11.4 inches)
Turquoise donut: 25mm (1 inch) across
Ankh pendant: 25mm (1 inch) across

A nice set of meditation beads with a substantial feel that are suitable for rugged hands. They come attractively wrapped with a card about the stones and symbols, and some suggestions for beginning to use them.

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