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12 Step Recovery meditation beads

Meditation Beads for 12 Step Recovery

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Recovery beads are designed to be held in the hands to help with focusing the mind during meditation or prayer times - to help quieten mental "chatter". They come with a pamphlet explaining how to use them.

This set is made with Red Creek jasper beads, 12 beads which is one for each Step in the Recovery Program. Jasper is a stone that has been used for centuries as prayer beads and personal jewellery.

Red Creek jasper: heals relationships, brings balance, connects with earth's grounding energies.

There is an extra studded brass bead after the 3rd Step bead, so that those who like to emphasize the first 3 Steps can easily find them by touch.

The strand ends with a brass Unity symbol at one end, originally the emblem of Alcoholics Anonymous and now a recognized symbol of recovery. The other end has a brass ring for slipping over your finger to keep the beads anchored.

Length: 21cm
Beads: 8mm round natural jasper
Ring: 2cm

Suitable for use by men or women, they come with a pamphlet explaining about the beads and some suggested ways to start using them.

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