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Meditation beads with silver ankh and agate beads

Ankh Meditation Beads, Agate & Silver

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Holding your beads in your hands or running them through your fingers as you count breaths, mantras or affirmations can help still the mind by actively involving your body in your session. Many people also find that keeping their beads handy - such as in a pocket where they can easily touched - helps bring calm in challenging situations.

I've made this set with banded agate, cut to reveal layers of stone ranging from light brown through cream and grey to dark brown. The feature beads are set out in 3 groups of 3, separated with double silver curb chain which meet at a beaten pewter ring. In the front is a handmade clay bead, a place to pause and center yourself before and after meditation.

The number 3 creates a pleasant rhythm or tempo, and is used in many cultures and belief systems to mark patterns in time, in reference to threefold aspects of divinities, the three stages of life (childhood, young adult and senior), the beginning, middle and end. Even in fairy tales, 3 is a magical number. Heroes and heroines are often given 3 choices or 3 tests - and they overcome difficulties on the third try. 

Because these beads don't belong to any one tradition or religion, you can assign any meaning you like to the beads that is in keeping with your own spiritual practice.

The set begins and ends with a silver-plated pewter ankh. The Ankh was a symbol used by the early Egyptians as a symbol of life. It represents male and female balance, as well as enthusiasm, joy of life and energy.

Length from center back to end of ankh: 29cm / 11.5 inches
Ankh: 5cm / 2 inches

The set lows nicely through the fingers and feels comfortable in your hands - suitable for men or women. It comes attractively packaged along with a card about prayers beads that has some suggestions for how to start using them.

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