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Anglican rosary bracelet, handmade in New Zealand

Anglican Rosary Bracelet, Christian Jewellery

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Choose this option to have a short extension/growth chain added at the clasp for no extra cost.

A rosary bracelet is a small rosary for the wrist - perfect for quiet moments in a busy life, and a lovely fashion accessory as well.

I've chosen gorgeous deep blue goldstone beads for this bracelet, which is a very dark blue with a subtle shimmer across the surface of each bead. Goldstone is a manmade stone, a fusion of quartz and very fine copper.

All the beads are linked by hand with gold rosary wire so the bracelet curves nicely around your wrist. Between the beads is a cluster of themed charms - a simple gold-plated cross, a tiny angel's wing, and a group of 3 Swarovski crystals representing the Holy Trinity.

This bracelet is a small part of the design for the full Anglican or Christian rosary, with 7 prayer beads and a single cruciform bead which also serves as the invitatory bead. The cruciform bead is a reminder of the cross, and an invitatory bead is an "invitation" to the wearer to pray.

** Bracelet length and wrist size are not the same thing. • To find what bracelet length is best for you, measure your wrist just above the wristbone where you wear a watch, then ADD another 2.5cm (1 inch) to that measurement. That is the length bracelet you need.

You can select the length bracelet you want from the drop-down options menu, and you can also choose to have a short gold-plated extension/growth chain added at the clasp for no extra cost. 
Check the 3rd box if you would like me to include a pamphlet about the Anglican rosary bracelet and how to use it for prayer with your purchase.
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