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Car mala, clip on mala prayer beads

Pocket Mala, 9 Bead Clip-On Mala Chakra Prayer Beads, Bag or Festival Dangle

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Colorful 9-bead mala to keep handy in your car,pocket or attached to your bag or backpack. Made with colors to resonate with the 1st to 4th chakras, this set allows for 3 repetitions of mantras, affirmations or prayers in groups of 3 - as well as being a unique dangle accessory.

The beads are handmade clay beads with carved and painted patterns, with a silver pewter buddha bead next to the tassel. The tassel is decorated with a small Om symbol and a feather to represent freedom and strength.

The study clip at one end means you can fasten the strand inside your jacket, in a pocket, to your bag or car rear-view mirror - anywhere you;d like to keep it handy. You can even add them to your favorite festival necklace or room decor.

This set of beads relate to these chakra points, energy centers along your spine:

4th (green)- heart chakra - love, hope, compassion;
3rd (yellow) - solar plexus - energy, vitality, stamina and power;
2nd (orange) -sacral chakra - emotions, secuality, intimacy;
1st (red) - root chakra - survival instinct, security, grounding.

Total length: 25cm / 10 inches
Clip: 3.5cm / 1.4 inches.

A lovely clip for yourself - which would also make a thoughtful and fun gift for a free-spirited friend. It comes in attractive packaging with a card explaining the symbols.



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