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Greenstone Car Window Charm, Labyrinth Symbol

Greenstone & Labyrinth Window or Car Decoration, Necklace Length Option

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A gorgeous greenstone jade nugget, a lotus emblem and a golden labyrinth create synergy to bring calmness, peace and protection to your journey - whether that's traveling the globe or following your life's pathways! In this hanging window or rear-view mirror charm a hand-cut nugget of forest green nephrite jade is wire-wrapped with a lotus symbol on top and a golden pewter labyrinth charm dangling below.

Nephrite jade: a stone of loyalty, love and protection - to give as a gift shows long-lasting affection and respect.
The lotus: throughout many cultures over time, the lotus has been a powerful image and a spiritual symbol. Among its many meanings the lotus is a symbol of peace, serenity and spiritual development.
Labyrinth: represents wholeness, combining images of the circle and spiral into a single pathway that leads into the center, symbolizing the journey of life itself & a gentle reminder to take one step at a time.

The 8 inch (20cm) brass chain with lobster clasp makes it easy to hang your charm - there are 3 rings to do the clasp up into so you can adjust the length of the drop. The total length when hanging will depend on where you do the chain up - the pendant measures 3 inches (7.5cm) including the lotus leaves and the labyrinth.

You can choose a longer chain if you want to wear it as a pendulum necklace - I will add additional lengths of brass chain and rings to get the length you want. Select from the drop-down options before checkout.

A meaningful gift full of positive and sunny energy for yourself or a friend. Comes in attractive packaging along with a card about the gemstone and symbols.


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