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from my hands to yours ...

Welcome to PraiseBead! Here you will find my 'beads of praise' for the Christian and Anglican community, cross-cultural meditation and prayer focus beads, 12 Step beads created for the Recovery fellowships worldwide, and personal jewelry expressing faith - all made by me just for you. It is my hope my beads of praise will become treasured and useful companions on your spiritual journey.

Featured Collections

NEW June 2017

Labyrinth keychain clip
Bear totem bracelet, handmade spiritual jewelry
Saint Paul rosary chaplet, Christian prayer beads
Lapis lazuli beaded bar necklace
Saint Monica Christian Prayer Beads Handmade
New Zealand paua shell earrings handmade
Tree of Life Keychain Dangle Charm
Guardian Angel & Holy Family Clip
Saint Michael Guardian Angel keychain clip
Buddha Lotus stretch bracelet made in New Zealand
Swarovski pearl Om earrings, handmade in NZ
Serenity Prayer bag clip
Christian prayer beads, greenstone and paua shell
12 Step Recovery beads, New Zealand made
Saint Benedict earrings, handmade in New Zealand
Grey Agate Om Bracelet, handmade
Meditation beads for Recovery Step Work
Agate Labyrinth Bracelet, Green and Gold
Anglican wedding rosary, white and gold
Faith bracelet set, gemstone beads


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